Autoexec Long Exposure hack (GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition)

An unedited, very noisy, picture of the Milky Way. Bonus Satellite to the left of the picture. Taken with the GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition. 
I own a GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition and have recently been trying to get the long-exposure hack to work. The hack takes advantage of the GoPro running an autoexec script on boot.

I checked KonradIT's Github and nobody seems to have got it working on my GoPro model yet. Several users on Reddit have suggested that they tried and failed.

KonradIT's long-exposure hacks seem to exclusively use the ia2 firmware module with the -ae switch. When applied to the Hero3+ Silver, it doesn't work. I played around with various built-in modules and managed to get it working using the -ae exp switch.

The following will get you up and running on the Hero3 + Silver.

1) Download this file.

2) Edit the file to suit your needs. You will need to edit the text in Blue and Pink.

The file looks like this:

sleep 2 #This allows the camera time to start up.
t app appmode photo #This switches the mode to Photo
sleep 1 #Pause for a second
t cal -jqlt 100 #This is a setting I found in the firmware - it should increase the picture quality.
sleep 1 #Pause for a second
t ia2 -ae exp 3200 1 #Set the ISO and Exposure Time. See Exposure options here
sleep 1 #Pause for a second
t app button shutter PR #Presses the shutter button
sleep 15 #Pause for 15 seconds
poweroff yes #Turn off GoPro
reboot yes #Restart Script (The GoPro should be off by now)
3) Place the file "autoexec.ash" onto the root of your GoPro Hero3+ Silver microSD card.

4) Insert the microSD card into the GoPro. Set up your shot and tap the Option button on the front of the Camera. This will switch the camera on and run the script. It will take the photo for you and then switch off.


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  2. Works flawlessly, cheers mate!
    any chance you could add timelapse to the code.

    1. Arno then you should share it with everybody.. thanks!

    2. Arno then you should share it with everybody.. thanks!

  3. My camera turn off before take a picture...
    is a hero3+ silver...
    What should i do?

  4. arno where did you find the timelapse code ?