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Diamond is a very rare ore and is difficult to find in the game. I have found the following method makes it a little easier.


- Lots of torches (make them using Sticks and Coal.
-Iron Pickaxe OR Diamond Pickaxe.
All other pickaxes and weapons will destroy the Ore.
-LOTS of Stone pickaxes (make them using Stone and Sticks).

How to find it:

You MUST be below layer 16. To find out which layer you are at equip the map and look down at it. The Y coordinate is the layer.

I have searched all over the Internet and the best method is Branch Mining at layer 11.

Dig down to layer 11 and make a small open space (5x5 blocks). Fill it with torches. This will be your starting point.

Dig a long tunnel outwards (50 to 100 blocks) in any direction just big enough for you to fit through. Place a torch every 10 or so blocks.

Go back to your starting point and enter the tunnel you just made. Dig a smaller tunnel (5 or 10 blocks) out from the main tunnel at every second block. This can be done in both directions.

The chances are you will hit Diamond Ore at some point. Remember to have your Stone Pickaxe equipped when digging the tunnels. Stone and Sticks are very easy to get hold of whereas Iron and Diamond are harder to find.

The Diamond Ore usually spawns in blocks of 4 to 8. Excavate accordingly to obtain it all!

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