Review: Huble App for Home Cameras

The Hubble App is the software which users of Motorola, Beurer and iNanny home cameras are forced to use. The App allows users to view, photograph and record moments using the hardware they provide.

IOS 7.1 and above.
Android 4.0.3 and above.

-Camera Viewing/Streaming
-Camera Still Image Capture/Video Recording
-Motion/Sound Detected Video Recording
-Notification Review
-Setting Configuration

Feature Breakdown:

Camera Viewing/Streaming:

From this screen you can see how many cameras you have along with their current status. You can customise the camera names and the default image. I currently have 2 cameras set up - one in the upstairs and one in the downstairs of my property.

Once you click on a camera you are presented with a live stream and notifications panel.

From here you can do the following:

Microphone Utilisation-
This allows you to talk through the built in speaker on the camera (if it has one).

Still Image Capture

Manual Video Recording

Play Music-
This feature allows you to pick from 5 built in melodies and play them from the built in speaker on the camera (if it has one).

View Current Temperature


Mute Audio

Camera Still Image Capture/Video Recording:
The software allows you to capture still images or record video from your cameras. It's really easy and simple to do. The images and videos will appear in your camera notifications panel once they sync with the Hubble cloud servers.

You can view, replay and save your images from the notifications window.

Motion/Sound Detected Video Recording
This is a premium feature that Hubble charge you for. The current price plan is as follows:

Capture and store the last 24 Hours of motion-triggered video - £2.99 per month

Capture and store the last 7 Days of motion-triggered video - £9.98 per month

Capture and store the last 30 Days of motion-triggered - £29.99

The motion and sound triggered video capture is actually pretty good. If you make sure you check your notifications ASAP after recording them, the £2.99 per month subscription is well worth it.

The video capture is simple. You let the camera know when it should be expecting motion. I currently have mine set up as internal security cameras. I get notified if motion is detected between the hours of 0900-1700 and 2300-0600.

Notification Review:
The notification review window is simple and easy to use. If the premium features are enabled you will receive and alert anytime your cameras pick something up outside of your specified time windows. Just click on the video to instantly watch it. Save or delete is as appropriate.

Setting Configuration:
-Motion/Sound auto record sensitivity threshold.
-Temperature alerting thresholds.
-Do Not Disturb times.

My Experience:

As mentioned above I have been using two Motorola Focus devices as internal security cameras for the past few weeks. I find the App really simple to use and exceptionally easy to navigate.

I would say I spend 15 or 20 minutes a day on the app mainly out of interest. I haven't experienced any unexpected behaviour or crashes.

I would definitely recommend Hubble but only if you are prepared to pay the extra £2.99 a month along with checking the notifications within 24 hours of receiving them. You can always up your package of you are going on holiday for a few weeks.

I do not recommend buying the Motorola Focus devices (review will be published soon). You get what you pay for - I would opt for the more expensive Motorola decides in order to get the most out of the app.

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