How To Turn On Xbox One Using Amazon Alexa/Echo

Today I created a video showcasing my Orvibo S20 and Amazon Echo Dot integration and it got me thinking. If I can run a bash script via a voice command I can automate pretty much anything.

The next logical step in my quest for laziness is to turn my Xbox One on by saying "Echo, Turn on my Xbox".

I managed to get it running within a few minutes off the back of my pre existing setup. I'll type a quick rundown up now and if it gets enough interest I can detail it further or make a video tutorial.

Hardware Required:
Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot
Raspberry Pi (any providing you have WiFi)
Xbox One

Step 1:
Deploy Fauxmo to the Raspberry Pi
It's as simple as copying and running a script.

Step 2:
Download and configure the xbox-remote-power script on the Raspberry Pi. You'll need to grab your Xbox IP and Live ID to configure it properly.

Step 3:
Edit the to include your IP and ID.

Step 3:
Edit the example-minimal Fauxmo script to name your variable and run the script. The def will look something like this:

TRIGGERS = {"call name": 52000}
def act(self, client_address, state): print "State", state, "from client @", client_address
return True

You can change call name to whatever you want your trigger word to be. Mine is Xbox.

Step 4:
Say "Echo, Find my devices" - You only need to do this once. It makes the Echo search for the device. Once found it will remember it.

Step 5:
Say "Echo, Turn call name ON"


  1. Hey, I'm a total neophyte when it comes to scripts and programming. If you made a youtube video that would be awesome!

  2. XBOX One already has voice comand.

    1. Use it then!

      This is aimed at those without the microphone (Kinect) or those in a different room.

  3. I am VERY interested in this. Could you possibly post more details or a tutorial on how you did this?

    My goal would be to be able to turn my Xbox on/off, open Netflix, change volume etc via Alexa....

  4. Could you give more info on how to connect Xbox One to Alexa thanks

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  6. I just bought the echo for my gf for our anniversary and to celebrate buying a house. If you could make a tutorial on how to do this I would be eternally grateful.

  7. Can Please post a more "in-detail" instructions so it is easier to setup?

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  9. Hey I my Alex to turn on my xbox 1s but i didn't understand any of what u said could u put that in a way that Simone who s not tech savy could understand

  10. Hi, can I put this on a firestick instead of a raspberry pi?

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  13. if fauxmo is as simple as just running a script why didnt you just include the script?

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