Traffickcam App - Help stop sex trafficking.

This blog seems to get a large number of Google search hits to my reviews and how-to's.

I have just discovered a really good App called Traffickcam. When you are staying in a hotel, as you enter you snap 4 photos of the room. It is described as:

The free TraffickCam app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices allows any traveler with a smartphone to help fight sex trafficking by uploading photos of their hotel room to an enormous, constantly updated database of hotel room images. Room features are matched against the database of traveler images to provide law enforcement with a list of potential hotels where the photo may have been taken. 

The free app is available for iPhone and iPad at the App Store ( and for Android devices at Google Play ( 

TraffickCam was developed by the social action organization Exchange Initiative and researchers at Washington University.

I think it's a really good idea and a really good use of technology. We should all be using it.

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